How can I understand him?

I'm crazy about him. He's friendly towards me but he never openly shows he care about me or even rejects when people tease him with me. He never makes any move when we're alone for so many times.

So, I start to feel pain whenever I see him knowing he doesn't like me and I start avoiding him. Then, he starts showing care for me, glancing at me many times. Once I got jealous of one girl being so close to him (and flirting a bit) and I couldn't control my face that I'm so upset and I got quiet. He noticed it and suddenly stopped their conversation and conscious the whole evening when talking to her.

I'm a shy person and I also hardly show my feelings towards him because it'll be so embarrassing if he surely know I like him when he doesn't like me.

I just don't understand him. Does he care about me or not? Is he just enjoying the attention from me? :'( I'm crazy! Help me, please!


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  • He might like you if he noticed and stopped.

    If you like him, then I say initiate. He may be as nervous as you.

    Life is short, go for it if you do like him.

    It's always difficult to understand a crush. =D

    Could you help me out with mine pls? Would appreciate an opinion on this female friend:

    • Thanks a lot! I did try to come out of my shell as I really really like him. But, once I tried to make a move, he acts like he's uncomfortable being teased with me and show how much he does not care about me. I feel so embarrassed and discourage. Just too painful.

      Hey, by the way, I've just answer your question :) Good luck!

    • Thanks I'll check it out and see you on my thread! Hope to hear your solid advice, you know your stuff!

      Maybe he's nervous and want to look cool in front of you. =D

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