How do men act if?

How do men act if they want there ex girlfriend back?

What would you do if you want to get back with your ex (especially if you're a stubborn person)?


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  • I think that differs from person to person. For example I would never try to get back with my ex and just forget that they exist and move on with my life. But I'm the type of person that can cut a person out of my life in a heartbeat without batting an eye. People who try to make their ex get back together with them sounds really possessive of that person and don't respect that they don't want to be with them anymore.
    A lot of girls see it as guys not giving up and fighting for what they want but I see it as them trying to reclaim their property.


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  • I learnt the habit of moving on and not looking back.

  • Stand in their front yard with some flowers, surrounded by lanterns, crying, with this playing in the background...


    • hahhaa aww take that huh :D

    • How could I fail? She would be mine again! haha. I personally resist the urge to get back with an ex.

  • Send cards, texts, letters, flowers, etc.


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