Not so sure he's interested?

I've known this guy for about a year now, he went to my school and we were friends. He was always a little flirty but I think that's his personailty. We've been on and off talking since he graduated and he always mentions wanting to meet up but even when i try to push that to organise it he brushes it off. When we are texting he has short bursts of constant replies but then he takes ages nearly days to reply. I'm tempted just to ask if he likes me or not but I don't know what to say and am worried about his response.
I Think he's embarassed to know me :/
It was his birthday and I posted Happy Birthday Xx on his timeline because when we text we sometimes use kisses. He didn't even like it and he liked everyone else's. He also dropped into school the other day and said hey but didn't try chat with me because his friends were around.
I did notice him looking over but so was his friend, and they were laughing.


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  • im guessing your in highschool rigt? and you like this guy okay so i think i say if you are so tempted go for it i guess but like maybe you won't have a good answer that you want... because how i read what you said his just teasing you and he just playing with you like little kid games not to be mean or anything thats how i see it but its up to you if you really like it so much just tell him good or bad whatever he says you will know the answer but just know that there's other guys out there

    • I'm in year 12 and was in year 11 when I met him. I do agree that he's probably teasing considering his previous actions.
      Thank you for your answer

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