My friend who was interested in me is now seeing someone else?

So my friend whom I've known for 13 years started "seeing" someone about 3 weeks ago after he thought I wasn't interested in dating him. All because of a lack in communication. When we talked about why I hadn't heard from him, his response was "I thought you weren't interested". We had been hanging out a lot when he was in my town (he surfs and lives about an hour away). He even drove out just to spend time with me on my birthday. Thing is, he had been separated from his wife and had not yet filed for divorce, but talked about his plan to do it soon. He also had been having a hard time with the separation, but was adamant that he was done and was going to file. This is why I treaded lightly. I knew he had unfinished business. After we had spoke on the phone about what had happened, I cried when I hung up. He then began to tell me via text that he was very sorry that we didn't have better communication, that he thought we would have made a good couple, had fun, and lots in common, that I was very beautiful, and that he was deeply sorry, and did not want to lose my friendship. He was "just being honest". I felt his regret in his voice when we spoke, and when he text me the things he did, I was floored how genuine it was.
My question is, is all this weighing on his mind? Is there a chance he could be thinking through everything? He has only been seeing this girl for over three weeks, so that is why I'm curious if this could possibly turn around?
I would appreciate anyone's view on this. I really do care about him, and we are so much alike, it's hard to believe he wouldn't want to take a chance with me knowing now that I do want to be with him.


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  • I am sure it is on his mind and he will remember you for sure if something doesn't work out with this current woman.

    • Thank you truthbeknown. That's my gut feeling. What should I do? Let him know how I've been feeling lately or just let it go?

    • Well, unfortunately he is in a relationship now and I would respect that and leave it be. Bad timing, that's all.

    • Even if it's only been three weeks of "seeing" her? My friends keep telling me it's most likely a rebound. Watch, I'll start dating someone and he'll be done with her and contacting me. It always seems to happen that way with me.

  • That's too bad.


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