Why does he act prtective of me?

This friend of mine and I have a thing for a couple months now. We haven't talked about what we exactly are. friends with benefits or in a relationship? We have only made out so far, nothing more than that. Recently i've realised some different behaviour in him. For example, i told him that my dad was in my hometown without visiting me and he got completely upset about it e. g. calling him names and stuff.
Another thing i noticed was that he doesn't kiss me that aggressively anymore and he's always ruffling my hair and kissing my cheek and forehead and i'm just a little confused.
Why does he suddenly act protective of me? Or what does his behaviour mean?


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  • Behavior like that you need to be careful of. You are young so it sounds like lust to me, which can be a very exciting thing. He however doesn't sound like he can efficiently control that lust or "over-emotion" when it comes to you yet. Give it time. He's probably just trying to stomp his territory, whatever your statuses may be.

    • Well the thing is that i would much rather want to be in a relationship with him. This whole friends making out thing is new to me and I don't really want to continue it. It's hard to figure out if he feels the same but I had hoped that those might be the first signs of it.

    • I think you're safe but you would be the best judge of your situation. Give it a whirl with him. The worst that could happen is he could say he's not interested, and then it would be his loss. If you both have made out on multiple occasions I think it's safe to say he likes coming back for more :)

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