Does he like me or not.. I really need solid advice?

So I've met this guy last year. We haven't talked that much, and we went to different schools. When i joined the same school, my friends keep telling me he likes me, he has a crush on me.. etc..(Let's call the guy Unicorn)
Honestly, i don't think he does, cause 1) We barely talk, if we do talk more than 4 words, it's online.
2) I'm too shy to approach him, whenever he passes me he seems nervous or worried like by the expression on his face.
3) He stared at me like he was checking my face for 4 seconds straight..
4) If i go outside to the basketball court with my friends, he would just look at me from far away and turn around and continue with his friends..

But even tho the negativity i listed there is also some weird things..
Apparently his best friend started talking to me and i to him, we have become friends but then his friends asked me if I could find him and the Unicorn a girfriend..
(I know you guys probably think I'm like 10 but I actually don't know what to think.. It's too complicated)


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  • You know, it is very difficult to read your post seriously and with thought when you name the guy Unicorn. Is there some reference to mythology here? One horned fabled creature, impossible to tame? :D

    • HAHAA Lol.. Unicorn was the first thing that came on my mind..

  • Doesn't matter. Dump him.


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