Why would a guy drives by your house then turn his heads towards the window?

As if he's trying to look if he sees someone.
It's a guy from my age. He always drives by and looks straight in my house. I don't understand why he would do that.


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  • He's probably hoping to see you getting dressed or undressed in your bedroom window. He obviously is at least somewhat interested in you.

    • Yeah I thought so too

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    • Fortunately, I know that guy. I think its weird that he doesn't come to me and talk about whats on his mind.

    • Some guys lack the confidence. Especially if you're a hottie. Many guys feel that beautiful women are out of their league, not knowing that women, while they don't want a guy who takes no care of his appearance, tend to place looks at a much lower level of importance than other traits. If it's a guy you're interested in, next time you see him doing this, wave at him or blow him a kiss and laugh. If he likes you, that's a sufficient green light to flag him out of inaction. If you're not interested, well, blinds aren't THAT expensive :D

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  • He more than likely has a crush on you. Your house probably isn't out of his way but if he knows you live there and he happens to drive by, he might naturally glance in that direction. Have you talked to him before? Is there any chance he KNOWS that's where you live? It could just be out of curiosity, like hey, I wonder what she's up to...


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  • There are days when outside your window
    I see my reflection as I slowly pass
    And I long for this mirrored perspective
    When we'll be lovers, lovers at last

    You gotta spend some time, love
    You gotta spend some time with me
    And I know that you'll find love
    I will possess your heart

    *stalker piano continues*

  • look underneath your bed, you will find a suit csae with $500,000
    escape through the back door, there will be a silver Mercedes E-class
    get in it, no time for questions!

  • maybe he wants to see if you're inside and stare at you then.

    kinda creepy if you ask me

    • Yeah I think it's weird too. I don't know what to do with it. Sometimes I'm just drinking tea in the living room and I notice someone is looking at me. It's weird that he passes by in his car, staring.. Even my parents saw it happen and they even think it is strange

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