Is he embarrassed to be seen with me?

We started dating a few moths ago, and he is generally a shy person. He isn't like really shy, but he just doesn't talk a lot and he's not good with new people. Anyways he's a touchy person, well with me he is, he always holds, puts his hand on my thigh my hand or holds me close. He often does it when we're alone though. I public he won't show affection, especially not around his friends. It's like when they come in or are around us we're not dating. Should I confront him about this? Is he doing this cause he's embarrassed to be seen with me?


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  • Do you know him? (As in, did you know each other before you started going out, and how long, etc.) With me, I've been dating a friend for about 4 months now, and in public we hardly ever make contact (we're both very awkward), but in private we're a lot more comfortable being intimate (hugging, cuddling, all that stuff). If he's not that social, then he might be similar to me, he's not afraid of being intimate (well kind of), but only with YOU. My reasons for not hugging/kissing and all that stuff in public are:
    1. I hate being watched
    2. I don't want to "show off"
    3. She's cuter when we're alone together ;D

    About the whole "embarrassed to be seen," thing, are you saying it in a way that implies "omg I'm ugly," or "He finds it awkward"?

    There's a bunch of reasons why he might be doing that type of stuff, you should probably ask him (in private). I'm not very touchy feely, and have to work up to it, it might be the same for him.

    Good luck!

    • I do not consider myself ugly in any way, I've just had boyfriends before who were embarrassed by me. And yes I knew him before we started dating. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yeah, he's probably embarrassed. He has issues. You should say something to him.

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