What may he want,? Help?

Around 3/4 years ago I met a guy online and we clicked. We'd chat every day, he'd call every night... but I felt he was too good and put off dates... I'd be hostile/hot/cold/flirt and this went on for a whole year... he met a girl and we stopped chatting. 7 months into their relationship he sent me a quote out of the blue which shows he was still bitter. I had to remove him off my fb cos I couldn't get over him. He was with his gf two years.

They split a few months ago... out of the blue he's text me a longgggg message. Very sweet and explained how he had somehow developed feelings for me back then even though we hadn't met... that i'm a quality person even though I can be volatile at times only that's quite endearing? He's said he'd like to stay in touch but if not then it's cool... we chatted for hours, not flirting, he rang and we spoke via phone call for an hour and a half... I asked his advice on a recent guy I had feelings for and he suggested i rejoin the dating site I met him on? He's said a few times i'm endearing. What does he mean by endearing? He didn't want to come off the phone to me but it was 3am and I was tired... I'm confused what he could want? Is it possible he just wants friendship or not?


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  • Sounds like he wants to put you into rebound status. He likes you but doesn't want to get hurt, since you essentially rejected him, is why he's playing the "you should X" game. What he means is "You should date me". That said, I'd stay away. Something made you hesitate the first time. Unless you've figured out what that was and fixed it, I don't see how this could work out. But it may be good for a couple months of fun?

    • Thanks. The thing that made me hesitate the first time was my lack of confidence. Nothing else. Neither of us do one night stands or fuck buddies. So are you saying it's not possible he just wants friendship? Why does he keep saying i'm endearing? ?

    • Nah, I really doubt he just wants friendship. He's into you, but afraid to show it for fear of being hurt.

    • Ty. I have told him I'm concentrating on my confidence before dating guys though cos he suggested i contact the guy I waa asking advise about. Yet he's said i'm still pretty and compliments me

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  • he's intrested in u he wouldn't just stay up to talk to u if he didn't have feelings of ru


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  • if he wasn't interested then he'd not stay up all night talking to you :-)


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