If a girl was in a playful mode and being cute, why wasn't the guy being playful?

He just looked really really uncomfortable, and wouldn't look at me :(


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  • Not interested. Distracted. Shy.

    There are any number of reasons.

    Keep trying I say.


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  • It's hard to say without knowing the context of the situation. For example, where were you/what were you doing/how do you know him/how WELL do you know him/what kind of mood was he in? etc.

    More than likely he was just feeling or serious or honestly, just not interested. Although, like I said before, that would be impossible to gauge based on your brief question.

    • lol I don't know him well, he looked like he was in a serious mood.

      I think the way I know him in iteslf serious, so he was surprised by why I was being playful

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  • i gues he wanted to act serious basically :-P

    • Why? lol.

      I was so confused that day whether he did like me or he didn't.

      I can bet money either way I freaked him out lol he was not expecting me to be playful.

      The last few times he saw me I was so miserable, so I think he's like all...'she smiles. Like a normal human being and stuff. Would you look at that.'

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