HOw can I get over a guy aka crush hellpp?

i dont want to think about him. First of he's popular. And he's into girls with butts and ass and i WANT TO GET OVER HIM i dont wnana like him at all !!! even tho he always looks at me but i feel like he stares at me because im creepy looking bcoz i have big eyes. Help me get over him


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  • then everytime you see him go to another direction :-)


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  • Get yourself a hobby

  • Big eyes don't make you creepy looking.

    • idek because everytime people c me there like omfg her eyes r so big this and that i just dont liike the fact they say "you have big eyes" i dont take that as a compliment i feel like its a insullt

    • Big eyes are usually considered cute tbh. I know some girls don't like being short, dainty, or whatever "cute" would imply in that context but big eyes certainly don't come across as creepy to anyone I know.

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