If a girl came up right beside a guy, would he get uncomfortable?

Because the girl of his dreams is right beside him and he doesn't know what to do?

Or is he thinking, this is SO weird, I need to have my personal space...

He didn't look angry at all, just uncomfortable, and a little bit vulnerable.

The interesting part is he wasn't red, or nervous, I know because I was watching him very carefully, this may have been waht was making him uncomfortable too, I wasn't even botherin gto pretend like I wasn't staring.

He has a staring habit. I figured he should realize how it feels


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  • LMAO dont do it to me cause ill pick you up, yup thats right super confident and love to chase girls out of my leauge


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  • personally i would try to not lose my coolness :-P

    • Ha ha waht do you mean by that? Not to show how much this is affecting you kind of thing?

  • most likely because he doesn't know what to do

    • Why not stare at her out of his corner of the eye instead of try to avoid her?

    • maybe because you make him so nervous. go up and talk to him

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