Was it something I said?

Yesterday me and my crush hung out during lunch and a few minutes after school, today he barely spoke to me and never looked up at me or looked me in the eye. What is going on? Why is he being so cold all of a sudden? Was it something I said (that I do not remember saying)?


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  • Maybe it could had been something you said or did. Some times we do things or say things that we don't know hurt people. It could be a rude comment a sarcastic joke or saying that gets taking out of context. I think that is the worse if a person doesn't get what you say and they think it means something else. What were you and him talking about anyway? Do you gossip to your friends about your crush on this guy?

    • Me and him were just goofing off with my friend (lets call her Lucy for the sake of not saying she or her every 10 seconds), he kept flicking our calves until i moved my legs away so he just flicked Lucy, she told him to stop and I covered her legs and I was like "what are you doing touching her, she is mine." and then me and her said we were married. Then he said we were boring him, so then Lucy and I said we were just rehearsing for a very boring play and we said "and scene", the rest of the time all three of us just talked about random things like physics. I don't recall saying anything that could be potentially hurtful to him... Plus me and him are sarcastic to each other all the time and we never get hurt because we both know that we are just joking around, but that day I did not falsely insult him at all. And no, nobody knows that I like him, not even my best friend, not even my family.

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    • I think maybe he was distracted thinking about robotics, today he wasn't at school because he was at a robotics competition. He texted me to tell me this morning. But I honestly can tell his emotions from the text, it could have been a "don't bother looking for me" thing or a "sorry I can't hang out with you today". Also, he wasn't bored the rest of lunch, we just made jokes and talked about random things.

    • Thank you for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion. I think your right it probably was nerves dealing with the robotics thing. That is good that he texted you. My bad about the lunch thing. I am glad he wasn't bored but joking and stuff. I hope he acts ok after the robotics competition thing. That sounds like it's fun.

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  • From what I read, you could have possibly triggered something in his mind that made him embarrassed. or maybe he was busy and couldn't talk. Best thing to do is ask him how he's doing, and see if he is warm or cold, and go on from there.


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