Is this a date?

my friend and i went for drinks. i told him 'great, ill see you guys there' cause i thuoght it was going to be a group. turns out it was just us 2-which is perfectly fine.

then my other friend came over and had a chat and said 'shit am i interrupting your date? is this a date?' then the guy i was with looked at me for a sec, like awaiting confirmation? it was a tad awkward, and i quickly said oh we're just drinking, chilling.

what was with that eye contact?


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  • It was a date and he was silently asking u if it was ok

    • oops. though we went back to his house, later to smoke and all. and we did kiss, and he always smiled at me even when like i was saying nothing funny or anything worth smiling about. and he also got really close as well...

    • Do u like him?

    • don't know yet, I've known him for a week buit he's pretty cute

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  • I think he likes you since he looked at you for confirmation.

  • that is cute... he wanted to see if you guys are dating without directly asking

    • I have him my number via smapchat but I don't think he got it so I sent it again, is that seemed as clingy?

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