Guy is acting weird?

There's this guy I liked & sometimes I'd think he liked me too but he had a gf. We hadn't talked in a long time but I started seeing him at school more often & he would just say hi to me all the time.
A few weeks ago he sat with me & my friends in lunch & he was beside me because it was the only seat left. He kind of played with my hands & I let him. We were also seating really close together (our legs were touching) & I didn't move.
He broke up with his gf & days later messaged me on fb saying he couldn't find these face oil absorbing sheets we would sometimes use & I replied to him like a day later (hadn't logged in) but he never even read the message.
Now everytime I see him on the hallway he's like, "please give me an oil blotting sheet" & I always tell him I don't have any.(We don't really have time to keep talking)
Today I saw him In the hallway & like always, he asked about them but this time he told me he never found them at the store so I asked where he had looked for them but he didn't answer my question & just grabbed my arm. I told him I'd give him some of the thingies later, but he still held on until I told him that I had to go to class but I told him I'd tell him about them later & he just said ok & finally let go of me.
Ik all of this sounds really stupid but it's just getting really weird & he's not gay or anything so I don't know what his deal is.
I'm thinking he probably did this because
A.) He wants to prove that was the only purpose of the mssg he sent me (maybe he just has a lot of pride or something, but I don't know why he would still talk to me)
B.) Is using it as an excuse to talk to me
C.) Is genuinely interested on the freaking things.
I'd really appreciate your opinions.
Ugh, this is way too long, only the last part is really important!
Thanks for the help, guys :)


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  • I think that he's using these excuses because he's into you. I think he game many signs. Now it's up to you to decide what you want.

    • Thank you :) I'll def make a move now, just need to figure out how cx

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  • Maybe he just likes your butt and doesn't know how to express himself better.

    • Ha! Yeah, probably cx

  • He is sending you mixed signals for real. He keeps asking about
    oil blotting sheets maybe this is all he wants you to get him but see
    You like this guy so your happy in one way and saying i don't think
    the guys gay <<<<< See what i mean? Okay he broke up with his gf
    he came to sit at your table at lunch and he grabs your hands. arm
    this guy may like you and again this could all to get oil blotting sheets
    from you for a school work / project.. Take this slow don't get hurt.

    • He has sent me mixed signals for a long time now & yeah, I see what you mean because I do like him.
      But oh no, we were good friends before the whole oil blotting sheets situation. He would also try to touch my hands wayyy before that time on the lunch table.
      I don't really understand what you meant with the "school work/project" thing but I do know that he has a lot of money so if he really wanted them, he would definitely buy them himself & it seems like he didn't even put the effort to go look for them at the store in the first place.
      Thank you & don't worry, I really won't get hurt :)

  • Maybe lusts for you

    • Why do you think it's as much as lust, though?

    • Cause were guys... and if he liked you he would let you know he liked you

  • No he's interested in a relationship with you

  • I love to be a weird !


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