If a guy calls you cute, does it mean he actually thinks you're cute, or just being nice?

Well a new guy transferred to my school. He's extremley weird, male cheerleader, video games, kind of guy. He is like the dude version of me, we have so much in common. We were talking about awkward phases and I told him some stuff about me that makes me more Asian than normal. He said, "atleast you're a cute asian" and now like I don't want to feel stupid for having a crush.


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  • D'awwwww
    well he probably didn't want to come off too strong!
    cute is always positive, now try to change his ideas of cuteness into hotness, and sexiness!
    he probably likes you, swipe him up before its too late new kids are easy to date!


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  • He is an actor. You lost the game of acting. I had a situation like that. I stop talking to him because every single word coming out of his mouth was hurting. Some guys hate what you wear, how you do this and that. they are no good. I met some other guys in a group. all he says is I am pretty and stuffs. I find him extremely handsome and he is.

    • you are trying to be original to get attention but then you need compromising to get relationship and then they are criticizing that compromising. it's bad, if they are that much compromised, it's just drug not them. does he use drug?

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