That Mystery Man? Please HELP?

Hey Guys and Girls a while back, I had a party and he came. I wouldn't call us friends, we met through friends and just hung out from time to time.
At some point I asked him to play the ice cube game and he grabbed one and kissed me. Since it was my party I had people calling for me all night so we got interrupted... when I came back he took another cube, literally pulled me towards him and made out with me, I was so taken aback that I broke the kiss and passed the cube to someone else. Afterwards, I took the initiative to give us some privacy and by that point I clearly showed that I'm interested but he didn't make a move.
After the party, I kind of moved on and didn't really think about him that much and even when we went out with a group of friends a couple of times we were being just friendly. At some point he caught my interest again and I started texting him. In the texts there were hints of flirting and I started gaining confidence, then we met at another party where he hardly paid attention to me and went from each and every girl to chat and dance... What?
And finally after a lot of texting he said and I'll quote
"This type of situation is for lots of f*cking... I'll be f*cking... Just so you know! ;)" the problem is that it didn't really make sense with the things that we talked above so I was a bit like what the hell? I responded with a witty and flirty remark and chatted a little bit more... Anyways, I know I wrote a lot and I'm sorry, but something doesn't add up for me (maybe the fact that he has no game- he is not the best at flirting I'll admit)... I mean, is he interested or not?


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  • Not interested enough to put out much effort. Move on. He has your number.

    • Thanks for your answer :) I actually know for a fact, that he generally doesn't really put much effort with girls... he kind of goes with the flow... he really confuses me!

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