Ex boyfriend calls me names?

To start with it's a complicated complex story about what happened with me and my ex. We have been on a break for a while you could say, then he wanted to see me again. It was very confusing to say at least, after a while he said that he wants to be my friend. He asked me to do him a favour and I promised to but I stopped talking to him instead after he said that because I'm not gonna be friends with him. Obviously he was pissed for some reason, I doubt that he just wanted to be my friend or he's just immature. He has been back and forth after that, apparently I'm a hoe that you can't trust then the next minute he is ''hurt''. It has been two months and he's still doing these things. So maybe he hates me but I don't see why he has to shove it in my face? And all the things he's done to get a reaction from me. I know that I should move on but I was hurt when he just wanted to be my friend because I was hoping that we would sort things out..


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  • He's hurt. And he sounds clingy. Stay away, a guy like that can't "just be friends". He doesn't mean the things that he's saying he's saying it because he wants to voice his emotions, hurt, and anger. But aslong as you didn't do anything "hoey" no one will buy into it. Good luck! (:

    • Thanks! :) I haven't done anything hoey at all.

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