Im affraid he might have lost interest, how do I know the difference between him being busy and him losing interest?

So i met this guy almost two weeks ago and i liked him straight away and later i found out he felt the same when he met me. i added him on Facebook, but he was the one to take contact first. i invited him to join me and my sister at a bar, we met and he took contact the day after telling me he had a great time. the week after we would talk almost everyday and he would ask about me and showed a lot of interest. the same week i asked if he want to grab a coffee, he said yes, he told me (after saying yes) he only had time in the weekend, and we ended up watching a movie and cuddle istead. The next day i didt hear from him a all, except he gave me updates when he was out drinking. We talked the next day. But this week he waits like until late at night before he contacts me, but im at sleep when he does it so i end up answeing his messages early in the moring/afternoon, but when he answers me he's really short in his answers and doesn't keep the convensation going. i feel like he has kinda lost interest because he kinda makes less effort (it seems like) now then he has done in the past. how do i know if he just busy or if he has lost some interest in me? Ps: yes, im very insecure and i have never dated before


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  • Like i always say... guys won't show you what you need of interest unless you show them the same... maybe you don't show him the same interest he shows you

    • that might be true. .. i rarely do take contact, but only because in my head i think that if he doesn't take contact he's not interested in talking to me, but for all i know thats what he been thinking about me.. its my insecurity that holds me back and im plannning to tell him that im interestes, i just dont show it that much because im inexperienced and insecureand that me might needs to be patiente with me

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  • There's no need to contact him. Masculine energy guys prefer he be the one to initiate explicit things. What you need to do is just enjoy yourself and be a joy to be around by being your self respecting self and being appreciative of what good he does (like laughing when he's funny, smiling, telling him it was nice if it was nice, etc, nothing more).

    Don't fuss, relax, and date other guys at this point to stay focussed on your own value. no one should be expecting exclusivity yet. When he returns, he'll contact you if he's still interested. And whenever he does, if he does, you wouldn't have been sitting around waiting for him like a desperate girl. Even if he won't know that as fact, your energy will wreak of desperation because you're new at this and think you have to invest your thoughts and feelings on a guy who still doesn't deserve any emotional investment from you.

    You're a catch, you know that? But, as a feminine energy woman, you will not be a catch if /you're/ the one who's trying to prove herself to him. Let him do that, he'll be into it unless there's no spark between you, and no one is at fault for that. You want a great guy for you, not necessarily /that/ guy for you. So let him go, there's no loss in your situation. Stop obsessing over this stranger and get back to focussing on yourself, you're amazing!

    I hope this helps you. If you want some free coaching sessions with me, I'd be happy to help you over PM. Just let me know :)


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  • After 2 weeks, it's hard to say.. that's a good point though that maybe he felt he was over investing in you

    • it might be that.. but i actually just found out that he's usually at school until 10 pm.. so its not very weird that he has only messaged me at night... it made me feel a bit better, ofc it doesn't necessarly mean he hasn't lost interest though

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    • he's not moving to Finland, i think he's going on a school trip or something...

    • Still would be crazy busy... Chin up, and pm me if your still stressed later on

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