Are we cuddle buddies or what?

A friend of mine and I have had a thing for quite some time now. We haven't slept together, we mostly just kiss and cuddle. On the one hand he likes to grab my butt a lot and on the other hand he also plays with my hair a lot. He never kissed me with tongue. He is always very cuddly toward me and sometimes we lay there in silence just cuddling for a couple minutes. When we are around his friends we act pretty much normal, sometimes he ruffles my hair or we just stand there hugging but we never kiss in front of our friends. Even though all of them know about us. We never defined the relationship. So what are? Cuddle buddies or what is going on?


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  • since you didn't have sex i'd say just cuddle buddies then ;-)

    • But could it be something that would evolve into a relationship?

    • How long have y'all known each other , are y'all just starting to hang around each other again? Is there someone else in his life that he didn't end things with it could be this man cares about you but don't want to lead you on or hurt you. So when they time is right most likely it will turn into a relationship he respecting you know so that's a good thing!

    • we've been friends for a year now. We also hung out a lot before anything more than friendship happened between us. It's been more than a year since he broke up with his last girlfriend. He had one night stands sometimes but other than that there was no one special.

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