How to get over a jerk who emotionally and "physically" hurt you? Why would he hurt me like that?

Ok well for tgree years I've known and been in love with this boy. He seemed amazing and sweet at the beginning, and he was always understanding about my past. Well one problem was my father hated me liking him because he was black, and would abuse me if I talked or saw the boy. I still did anyway because I loved him and I would rather geg abused than be away from him. A good example would be I went to see him one day and my dad found out and beat me into a coma. Well recently I found out he was dating my best friend and I guess I was the side chick for over a year. Well she blamed me and now hates me. I didn't talk to him for a few weeks then I saw him again. He acted all sweet and apologized for everything saying he was sorry it happened. But something that stuck with me was I mentioned about the coma... his reply was if I hadn't told my dad I still likef him it wouldn't have happened. So he blamed me. Well I let that slide and I ended up falling for him again and things got more intense, we eventually got more sexual with each other and I ended up giving him oral sex one day. Well after that he started ignoring me... and well my dad found out again and I ended up really hurt. I messaged him telling him and asking could he message back or help me. But he didn't, so I asked his friend to talk to him. Well he got mad and told his friend to not mention me... and that he doesn't care. Why would he keep doing this to me knowing I get hurt and not even care? I mean does he want my dad to end up killing me kne day... because he acts like it...


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  • Just leave that guy. He's toxic. About your dad, he's the biggest asshole here. Report him to the cops. Fucking hate dad like those.


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