Guys, can you please explain this?

For example on Instagram and other social media websites, I notice a lot of guys follow and comment on girls that may have little clothing and almost seem to respect those girls which is fine and pay them a lot of attention, then I look at girls who seem to cover up and be more 'conservative' that may have more money and somewhat show that on their profile but don't attract as many men, definitely more women who are into fashion I guess? But I thought men liked women that 'cover up' kind of thing. Is there a reason behind it or just the way it is?


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  • The more scantly clad girls are seen as easier catches because they see to be giving it away for free. So the thought is "Why trouble with the other one who looks like more work when I could just get this one that is letting it all hang out right now?".

    For a girlfriend, (insecure) guys want an untouched girlfriend. But just for flings or taking a stab at getting sex, they have no problem going for that easy looking girl.

    • I need one more opinion so I can give this a best answer! Haha the struggle.. But seriously this is exact. Perfect.

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  • Easy. You don't go browsing the web looking for conservative women to respect and treate lovingly.
    Guys are generally looking for one thing; an easy catch.
    And which of them do you think is an "easy catch"? The conservative dresed one, or the revealing dressed one?
    OH, yeah, guys can be good at lying too. They KNOW girls will shut them down if they try to drag them to bed, so they pretend to respect the girl until she's letting the panties drop. When that happens the guy got what it wants, and lets the mask fall.

    As for the good guys? well, they don't go looking at the web. They're not thirsty, they don't hunt. Sure, some of them are on the web, but they're not the kind of guy to like a ton of images and try to score a date.
    There the girl has to take the initiative, not because he's shy, but because he simply doesn't consider it a platform of dating.

    That's my 2 cents on the topic. Looking at your age, most guys are in the first category

  • the answer is really quite simple: guys think with their dicks

  • Simply put... guys in general are idiots... It seems most guys are more interested in seeing a boob than engaging in interesting conversation with a more conservative lady... sadly, there are a lot of them around and they prowl around social media networks for their little fix...

    If you are more conservative and are not getting loads of interest... you are doing something right and the few guys that may show an interest... may very well be worth knowing... as for the other guys... don't waste your time... they are simply typical males... (and morons)... It's as simple as that...

    • I see. But it doesn't really have any relevance to me, I just see it happen all the time! I mean all the time.

  • The reality is that men respect women on two fronts instead of one!

    A) Bravery. It takes a lot of guts to flaunt your body.

    B) Beauty. If you're conservative you best be hot. Most aren't.


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