Is he a player?

I think he likes me but now I'm not sure. He ask for my number, text and flirt with me, ask me out but then flakes. Never ask me out a second time and I never bother initiating contact. Since he work next door I feel like he's always trying bump into me. If I am alone he will come over and talk. Today I was with some work friends and he walk by, had a small talk with one of my colleague but the whole time has his eyes on me. I like him a little but I don't want to get involve with a player.
Or maybe he's not interested anymore. But why stare if he's not interested right?


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  • No he's not.


What Girls Said 1

  • Not enough evidence to tell yet whether he is a player or not.

    It sounds to me like he does like you but since he flaked last time, he's now not sure what to do.

    He may stare at you but I think he's lost his nerve in this situation and needs some encouragement from you.

    How far do you want to take this?

    • Honestly I don't trust him after he flakes. I had a feeling maybe he got a gf or a fling but he told me earlier that he's single. Don't know what to believe. I just don't want to get hurt. I do like him tho

    • Well if you don't trust him then it's probably not worth going ahead with anything. Trust your gut in this situation because it's probably telling you the truth. Do you see him as BF material or just somebody to have fun with? What do you like about him?

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