The best way to let go?

Its too hard for me. I really don't think he's being anything other than nice. He hasn't asked me out, won't accept an invite to hang. I know people say he's shy but... I'm the one left broken hearted. I need to say goodbye. Its not his fault he can't feel anything for me. I know this but I can't pretend to be friends. Im not even sure I can see or talk to him at this point. I haven't gone around him lately, he's prob not noticed... I feel like I can't say bye in person without crying so.. What's the best way? I need to do it. I need that closure plus I don't what him to think its anything he really did. It was my friends fault for pushing me to see him and my fault for letting her. We have known each other 2 years and some months. So guys, what's the best way for me to tell him bye and make him see I can't see or talk to him right now. For my peace of mind? But wish him well and happy.
Any guys want to chime in?


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  • Doing it in person would be best even if you cry. But if you can't handle that, write him a letter. Not an email or a message but a hand written letter.

    • That's what I was thinking maybe. Not sure what to say. I don't want to hurt his feelings but there a girl his sister is trying to get him to like and I do wish him well but I can't watch it.

    • Write it out, then read it aloud to yourself. Then make changes and do the same thing again. Then give it to him.

    • Thanks.

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  • Eat some cake.

    • I perfer chocolate and wine. Hasn't helped. Sorry.

    • Sorry for what? I'm not at all phased by your depression.

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  • you don't have to let go, just be friends

    • I can't. I tried and its too hard. I've spent the last week in tears. I think I'm falling in love and it hurts.

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