Straight guys, did you ever have a moment where thinking of a guy turned you on, maybe during adolescence?

It's a pretty self-explanatory question. So, vote and feel free to explain.
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Guys, why would you vote to see the results? Just answer the question. I should probably take that as a yes though.


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  • I've never been attracted to men, but there was a brief period during adolescence when i was extremely curious to see what it would be like to be a woman. I tried on panties and thongs, and i also tried prostate stimulation. I think it was just a phase because i stopped trying on panties/things a loooong time ago. But to this day i still enjoy prostate stimulation every now and then but only if its during intercourse with a girl.

    • Weird... And good!

    • Yeah it was weird. I'm not sure what i was thinking at the time, especially since I'm 100% straight and always have been! 😂😂😂

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  • Well, when I was entering puberty, there was a guy that was kinda attractive to me. He had somewhat feminine facial features though. After a few months his "attractiveness" faded and after that no other dude caught my attention :)

  • Why... why would you even ask this?

    • I already explained it to someone else. Don't feel like doing it again.

  • No, I can't say that has happened to me.

    • Wow, I thought maybe at least during puberty guys would have been turned on by almost anything.

  • Conan obrien gives me a boner

    • I can't blame you, he sure does make me wet. :p

  • No. -------

  • During puberty both males/ females can have tendency to experiment
    with the member of the same sex but not all people are the same way

  • It's embarrassing but yes like once or twice

    • It hasn't happened in a long time?

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    • Hmm I don't know but I wasn't going through puberty at the time.. No going through puberty I had a thing for teachers heh kinda weird but the truth

    • Apparently, it hasn't happened to most guys.

      That's not so weird. I know plenty of guys in high school that had a thing for one of the teachers, she was very pretty.

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