Does he like me? He is so confusing should I face facts, his ex is back on the scene?

There is this lad at my school he is in one of my lessons. He sits next to me and his ex sits at the other side of me. He whispers things in my ear on how much he hates her, but when he went to sit With his mate for a few lessons and she moved next to him he don't seem to be that mean to her when I'm not near. He talks to me through text and he often says he goes to the gym and other things to try and boast about himself. However sometimes I may say hi and he is like I'm off to sleep now goodnight and his mates wind him up about me because he knows I like him. He tells them he is scared of me, he has told me that to but he said he scared of a lot of people. I was just talking to him and I I went down my Facebook feed I saw a picture of him and his ex taking the picture. I don't know what to think anymore... He does flirt with me but some days we are friends others we are more then friend and others he blanks me! What should I do?


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  • basically iguess he's lying... otherwise he'd not whisper to your ear how he hates his ex, and if his ex sat next to him he would move


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  • Honestly I think he's playing you. If he was really interested he wouldn't talk like that. Since he is aware of you liking him he's probably messing with you for the heck of it. You really should move on from him he doesn't like he deserves you attention..

    • Best to ditch him then and let me play someone else thanks x

    • What? why would want to play someone? why be that kind of person? Be honest with others not for them but for yourself.. There's no point in acting like such a hateful person..

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