Why does he keep bailing on me?

We've been dating for about 2 months.. he's a really sweet guy & he loves me ( or so he tells me ) he texts me and calls me almost everyday but these last 2 weeks i keep telling him hey are you free tonight? lets hang out... ( i've missed him & my schedule doesn't allow me much of free time because of exams and stuff so it's like when i have a weekend without exams... it's like heaven because i get to see him ) so he says he's free and tells me fine after you finish your classes i'll call you.. but he ends up bailing on me but calls me late that night as if nothing has happened
why does he do that? he introduced me to his mother so i really don't think he's a player :$ moreover I would really like to blame him but I just find it hard to be mad at him & even blame him ( i don't know he would react but he always give me some stupid excuses & i believe him :S ) what should i say? Thank you !


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  • If you want to see him at specific time, ask in advance (like 2 days earlier)
    And if he doesn't come/call you like he should. Well too bad for him

    There are other people ready to show you much more attention , kindness and love


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  • Nothing to say. You'll tolerate this a while longer.

    • so then i don't tell him how i feel about bailing on me?

    • You can, but your inability to maintain anger and stand your ground means that any given excuse will melt your resolve. It's a waste of energy.

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