Why would you cut off a friend?

're posting: What are some reasons you would cut off a friend? Like not return calls, not open Facebook messages etc?
We have hung out a couple times alone but never said that we were dating. We were going to hang out again then he suddenly stopped responding? I don't get it, I thought we were at least friends?


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  • I give people chances. But if a friend won't stop talking about me behind my back I draw the line.

    • I like him and I've mentioned that to one person I thought I could trust, I don't know if she said anything? I know she likes him but she's married
      I have never ever said anything negative, I've actually defended him

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    • Yeah maybe, thanks for the advice!

    • You're welcome.

      Good luck, hope it all works out. :)

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  • if he acts jealous towards me then i'd cut ties with him

  • What are "friends"?

    • We used to work together, spent time getting to know him on a one on one basis, never declared anything, never did anything physical, not even a kiss, but he seemed nervous around me before and kind of shy?

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  • I've only done it once.

    We had problems because i would say one thing and she would take it in a different way. I was unintentionally hurting her feelings.
    Shed get mad then not tell me why.
    By time i figured out what the problem was she wouldn't let me explain what happened.
    If she just told me in the first place , I'd be able to explain my intent rather than her interpretation.

    After that she started spreading rumors about me while pretending to be nice to me. So i cut her off entirely. I didn't need the drama or negativity.


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