What's going on with my friends with benefits?

He is really affectonate lately. When we met after him being away for a while, he pulled me close and said that he missed me. And when we were walking he kept hugging me from behind and leaning in to kiss me. After sex we stay up cuddling, hugging, kissing and then fall asleep in each other's arms and don't let go the whole night. He kisses me half asleep on the forehead and pulls me closer. Last night we were having a pillow talk while cuddling, and then he turned me around to spoon me and said "come here my sweet girl".
Is it more than a friends with benefits to him?


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  • You will see with the time..

    • I'm planning to quit.. So I need to have an idea. I would love to take it further if he wanted to, too

    • I see.. It's your life and your chose so do something than you will never regret..

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  • Man period.


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