Why do guys say they like the "natural"/ little to no make-up look even when the women with those looks don't naturally look that way?

Do you guys realize the natural look you're always talking about isn't natural at all? You say you like these "pretty girls" with little-to-no make-up, but the moment that "natural pretty girl" look you see comes off you fine out that the girl ends up looking like a chupacabra and you're running for the hills. A little lipstick, blush, and mascara isn't the only thing used. There's like a 13 step process to attain that "natural" look. I just find it funny how like a lot of guys on here preach about they like the "natural" look to some women on here and how a woman should look using pictures of women that have make-up on and weather it's obvious to them or not A LOT of make-up at that. :T

(Your natural look boys.)


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  • personally i prefer natural looks and i'm honest about it because i want to know a girl's real face

    • But quite often the woman a guy is seeing's "natural" look isn't her natural look at all and I'm just like, ". . . . . I wonder how he'll react when the mask is off."

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