Why is it that my crush will sometimes ignore me when other days he talks and stares at me non stop?

At the beginning of the school year, my crush never really noticed me. But then he transferred to my PE class and everything started to change. He saw my face, learned my name, and couldn't stop staring at me. I really thought he was interested. Then he transferred out of PE, and we had no classes together. I was crushed. Until I found out that we both did track and field which started about a month ago. Now, he's really started to notice me more. Everyday, he comes up to me and says hi, or if not, he'll wave or smile at me from across the field. And I'll do the same towards him. He even talks about me with his friends because me and my friends have heard him do so. But about 3-4 times now in the past 3-4 weeks, he's completely ignored my existence. It's like he doesn't even see me. And I know that he's only done this a few times, but it always hurts when he does it because he seems to show lots of interest other times. What's going on here? Does he like me? And why does he ignore me?


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  • People change daily. Maybe he just has different moods, ya know? You should talk to him more, you can't just stare at each other forever.


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