What does his reaction indicate? About me?

So this guy who graduated from my school last year, I have always thought he was attractive and suddenly I became friends with his best friends step brother. So the step brother tells me the guy I think is hot is always at his house because he's best friends with his step brother and he told me that he asked the attractive guy "hey Danny do you know (full name:me)?" And although I have never spoken to him before I used to check him out at school and he used to smile back, I never knew he knew who I was though. Danny replies with "yeah, I used to hangout with her brother" my friend doesn't know I have a brother so Danny must have actually said that, also he never used to hangout with my brother. My brother and Danny hardly knew each other they only had one class together. My friend proceeds "she thinks you're attractive" and my friend demonstrated that a big grin came across his face and he started nodding in a sense to say "yeeeee" the kinda way a guy would. He seemed happy abit it tho, what do u think his reaction demonstrates about what he thinks about me? Also him knowing me after a year of not being in the same school anymore and never having one conversation together he knows my name and who I am?


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  • I really struggled to read it too, no paragraphs.. but after 3 or 4 tries I think I developed the jist.

    The guy seems to like that you like him, if he smiled of course it may mean he likes you back.

    I'm not sure what everything else has to do with this outcome. How, or who else he knows doesn't play any relevance towards whether he likes you or not.

    In short, just try spending some time with him, see how it goes...

    and work on those paragraphs! :D

    • Sorry didn't want to write well structured sentences while I'm not at school, just wanted to explain the questions in my brain. Also the people he knows are relevant because he said he used to hangout with my brother when he actually never did. They came from the horses mouth

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    • Well as far as signs that a guy a likes you, a kiss is a pretty good one! Congratz

    • Thankyou! I can't even believe it:)

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  • I think he expressed happiness but that doesn't mean he likes you too. so the next step is finding out if he does

    • Ahh ok, it's difficult to find out. I don't want to leave it to my friend to ask in case he decides to tell him that I like him when I don't, I just find him attractive is all

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  • he might want to marry you but i doubt it... he probably just felt an ego-rush which made him feel good about himself. but hey you never know.

  • That's a wall of text I just can't climb.

    • K so u basically didn't even read it or help me, so tell me why u even bothered commenting?😑

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