Mixed signals? Suggests a second date but then no communication for days?

So, I recently got back in touch with this guy I liked last year. We chatted over Facebook on and off for a couple of weeks, and then he asked me to meet up with him for drinks. I agreed, and a few days later, off we went.

Now, I used to be super shy, and I still am to a certain extent. I've also never dated anyone before, so interacting with people I'm attracted to is understandably difficult for me. I also wasn't entirely certain if he'd asked me out for platonic friendshippy reasons, or if he was angling at more (he did seem awful interested in my total lack of dating experience, which struck me as odd since people generally don't ask me about it).

Anyway, we talked for about two hours. I feel kind of bad about it because he had to do most of the legwork - I'm fantastic with words, as long as I'm not making them with my face. The written word ftw. Ahem. Still, by my awkward small talk standards, I did pretty well, though I'm still thinking of things I'm angry at myself for not asking at the time.

When it was time for us to part ways, he suggested going to the cinema 'next time', since I'm so shy and slow to open up. I'm pretty sure I agreed with this, though I like this guy a lot so my brain wasn't functioning at full capacity. We said our goodbye and I wandered off feeling pretty confident about the whole thing.

Until he didn't contact me at all for the last two and a bit days. I understand that some people have a cooldown period before messaging someone after a date (or whatever the hell that was), but he specifically told me to message him that evening, which I did.

So what gives? I'm guessing he's not interested and is now ignoring me (which is a shame, because even if he's not attracted to me, he'd have made a pretty good friend, I think), but since I have such little experience in these things, I figured I should get some second opinions. So, am I right in thinking he's given me the brush off, or should I give him more time before giving up?
Mixed signals? Suggests a second date but then no communication for days?
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