Why would a girl treat you mean for no reason? & treat everyone else nice?

I'm in a weird situation,

i was dating a girl and we broke up. then all of a sudden poof, this girl that has been in my life for a few years has struck my attention. kind of like the person you never noticed and one day you look up and instantly have feelings for them. she has ALWAYS given me the cold shoulder for no reason. so I decided to ask her about it and then I told her how I feel. she said she doesn't date a lot and I know her pretty well. she actually doesn't I told her to tell me the truth if she didn't want to hang out then let me know I'm a big boy and can handle it. she said, no no, it's cool, next time I'm in town I'll give you a call. we'll we never ended up hanging out. but still I get this cold shoulder from her. I finally told her if she can't treat me like a normal person and with respect then don't speak to me at all. I don't deserve 2nd class treatment from anyone. I'm a good looking guy and don't have problems getting girls usually. this one just sort of baffles me. can anyone shed some light on why in the world a girl would treat ONLY me badly? (ignoring, rolling her eyes, etc.) one friend said she was jealous (we are in a pretty competitive athletic class together) and another said she can't handle the feelings she has for me. I always thought if a woman wanted to spend time with a guy she would do so no matter what if she had feelings and we had the opportunity to do that. OR maybe she just hates me. and always will. but she's so nice to everyone else. something has to be the reason. I'm not mean to people for no reason at all and most people have a reason if they dislike or actually hate someone. she's in her mid 20's me a few years older. I do catch her looking at me with glances then quickly looking away and always listening to my conversations I have with other people. any insight would be helpful. thanks everyone.

whenever I start ignoring her or giving her the cold shoulder, that is when she starts to open up and be nicer. than back to ice queen. that's why she got an ultimatum this time.i was a tad harsh but not mean. I guess we'll see. like I said baffles me.


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  • Sounds like she's socially awkward and doesn't know how to relate to men. She may be a bit immature in this area, proceed with caution.


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