Indian guys may I ask you something?

So I don't have many Indian guy friends, (I'm Indian myself). We usually don't gel well together.

This Indian guy I got to know in University, I can't decide on what to think of him.

He's very, very selfish, I know that.

I think underneath all of that, for whatever reason, he harbours some feelings for me.

I think he's full of shit; he could've helped me out at some point academically and he didn't, I don't think I will ever forget that. Not that he owes it to me; but if he thinks we're friends, it would be what a friend would do.

Anyways, for some reason, he randomly stopped talking to me at one point, and would purposely talk more to the white girl sitting beside me. I wouldn't understand it, because I remember her not giving him any importance the first time they talked; but whatever. He wouldn't say much to me.

I forgot about him; the next few times I've seen him, I've noticed he's the 'information-seeking,' type. For example, I was sitting with a guy happily chatting away, and he came up beside me, it was NOT to talk to me, because I saw him from far away and ignored him. He was definitely trying to eavesdrop on the conversation.

I've also noticed him actively trying to befriend as many 'socially outgoing,' people as he can, and never talking much to outcasts.

Anyways, recently when I saw him I was unbelievably rude, and he was still putting up with it, which made me soften up a little.

After that when he reached out to me, I was slow to respond, hoping to send out the message that I was not interested.

A few days later he put up a picture of himself and that same white girl from two years ago.

The first thought I had was he's doing it for attention from others, (like his peers), and also killing two birds with one stone by trying to make me jealous. I mean come on the same girl? I know they've been close, but the timing is coincidental.

Plus I've noticed he's quite mean to the other Indian girls...I sometimes feel like he's taking out his frustration on people; maybe people might have made funo f him because of his looks, so now he's trying to show everyone how amazing he is or something.
Indian guys may I ask you something?
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