Why do some guys think it's funny pushing down women to get what they want?

Like when girls who don't have much experience in dating they ask questions about the way they are being treated with a guy and how they always try to have sex with them or turn eveything sexual and ask them to see innaproriate parts of their body just after 2 or 3 months... and they say things to try and push down their self-estrem and try and guilt trip them into "dating" them to keep pushing them down in order to get sex from them, so they don't really understand what's really happening or what they are feeling. You make terrible remarks to these girls who are clearly being bullied into sex... which is doing the same thing to them, to make them second guess themselves to root for the guy doing this to her and to get them sex... how on earth can you think it's right or funny to push down girls like this? to seriously do damage to them and their self-esteem? you really need a lot of help...

I know what it's like to go through this because i had a fling with a guy once-upon-a-time who would make me second-guess myself to get sex from me and he turned everything into something sexual and we did some other things online, but whenever i tried to talk about something normally he would get bored, give me short answers then say he has to go and do something then completely ignore me until the next time he wants to do something dirty... whenever it's covenient for him... worst part is he did it behind other girls backs when i told him i wouldn't when he's with someone... he lied...

So i don't understand how some guys out there can be so disgusting and evil... i your remarks to girls on GAG and it's not clever whatsoever... it's wrong... so i got your back girls... if a guy can't be loyal or respectful to you for 1 year he's clearly a terrible person... one ofthe many things i can never understand about humans.. . how they can do these things without any remorse...

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I just think it's terrible how some guys can be like this... id never dream of doing such things to men but sometimes i just feel like finding some dude and saying the same things they say to girls and see how they react lol probably not too great about it... lol, so i just wish guys would realize that even if they do these things to girls, would they like to be guilt tripped and pushed down from sex from a girl if their intentions were good? probably not... lol.
Why do some guys think it's funny pushing down women to get what they want?
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