What is wrong with him? Am I wrong here?

This guy has been chasing me around for some months and I finally got caught. Everything was good, we got really close, I fell for him, he claimed to love me and I could see he actually did. Then he started to show up at some places with another girl and it was fine, he is allowed to have girl friends after all, but then I asked him once who is she casually and he would avoid the question. I got suspicous, but since we weren't official, I couldn't annoy him about her.

After a while he started to tell me he's not sure what he wants and I knew it had something to do with her. I could see even before that he wants to tell me something, but he had a really hard time. He then called me two days later, telling me he needs to tell me something again... and I had such a bad feeling he's going to tell me he hooked up with her or that he wants to be with her, but it was all so out of the blue, I decided to wait. He finally told me she's this ex he told me about in the past. She had a bf all the time they were together, but now she was back, telling him she loves him and that she'll leave her bf for him. Obviously some crazy chick. Now he's the kind of person who doesn't want to hurt anybody and I get that, but in my eyes... if he didn't want anything to do with her, he'd tell her to fuck off, because he loves me, right? Now I told him how I see things and he still claims he can't just tell her to fuck off, so I said that I hope they will be happy together in anger. And then he got mad at me, because I wouldn't fight for him or something.

So am I wrong for not wanting to get involved until he resolves what he wants and get rid of her? What do I do?

What the hell is he thinkng? I don't remember ever being so pissed and confused.
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He recently said he doesn't want anything serious and it seemed like he wanted both of us. I told him I can't do this. Next day he told me he'll tell her to leave him alone. Now I have no idea where we stand... I started questioning everything and I thought that was it for now, that we're gonna be just friends. And then we saw each other before he left on a trip and he wanted me to go with him, he had a hard time leaving as if he wanted to say something...
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A few hours later he sent me a message that he wished he'd kissed me before he left. I have no idea what he wants or what we're doing. At all. I know we'll have to talk about this when he comes back, but until then... what do you guys think? Is he playing with me?
What is wrong with him? Am I wrong here?
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