Can you guys please help me change my views on women?

I don’t know how many of you guys remember me throughout my past five years in this site. But just in case you totally forgot about me or are new to this site you may not know that my first three and a quarter years in this site I really carried a heavy reputation for being a super misogynist. I remember I used shaming tactics on women from left to right all because of my hatred and dislike towards feminism.

It wasn’t till the middle of last year that I decided to drop this nonsense once and for all. My main inspiration in taking these type of actions was an incident I had in that site Reddit. I don’t know how many of you guys are familiar with that site but over there they have a community call “The Red Pill”. I’m pretty sure you guys who have an account on Reddit are familiar with them but in case you aren’t they are just a group of insecure internet misogynist losers who claim that…

·All women who have/had multiple sex partners are sluts
·Women only use sex in exchange for money, favors and statuses in our society
·All men who are successful with women are white knights
·And a million other bullshit

Of course me being as lost as I was back then I decided to join them and I ended up spending a few months with them till one day when they decided to ban me from their community for posting something that appeared “offensive” to their little inflated egos. It was then that I finally woke up and said to myself “wow these guys are losers! I don’t want to be like them”. So from there on till this day I’ve decided to drop the ignorance I had and see women from a more positive view. I’ve also started noticing how stupid I was for taking all my anger I have towards feminism on all women. Come to think about it this is basically the same as hating all white folks because of the KKK or hating all Muslims do to ISIS. Anyway, so far I think I been doing pretty good but I just know I can do better. So I was wondering if you guys can please help accomplish this. Please convince me that…

·Not all women are conniving she-devils that use sex to get whatever they want from men (the one I’m having the most trouble with)
·That being successful with women isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t make me weak
·It is not a crime for a women to have as much sex partners as she wants
·Not all women associate themselves with drama
·Not all women feel self-entitled after having sex with a man
Can you guys please help me change my views on women?
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