Why do guys act distant after their woman sleeps with them?

What is up with this. They are all about you until you sleep with them then they act aloof and distant and don't call much or want to spend time with you like they did before they got in your pants. Any guys brave enough to answer this question truthfully.


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  • Kurtta & superstrength are both right.

    I think its easy to become comfortable with someone you sleep with.

    & you know once someone gets too comfortable.

    They stop trying so hard. Or they put it in cruise control.

    I know it to be true because I've been at that stage with my girlfriend of right now.

    I love her but before we had sex I would call just because I was thinking about her so much.

    I still do sweet things for her very often, but I can feel how my fight for her has gone down.

    I believe its because I, in the beginning, felt like I was competing with someone else for the "JOB", once I got the job, my confidence when through the roof.

    & on my "JOB" if I feel a little shakened I jump back in to young inter form!

    So my advice to you is to keep adding to the "JOB" and that will keep him coming back for more! Good Luck!


    A Loving Black Man


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  • I wouldn't ever act that way with a woman I was with, but I can take a guess.

    There are a lot of women that use sex as a trap to land a guy, then become a different person all together. Maybe that has happened a lot to this guy in question, and he wants to flee before getting cornered.

    Just one idea.

    The easier answer is, he's just a player.

  • I talked to my buddy about this. And what he told me is that it's all about the chase and once he gets her there is nothing left to work towards and he feels accomplished and finished. I told him he was an A** and other stuff but that is what he said and a lot of other guys have said as well


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