Guys, how do you text your crush?

Is it different than with a friend? Is it more often or less? Do you make some innuendos?

My crush has some weird habits when it comes to texting. Like he's gonna text me back when its not necessary. You know when you just let a convo die to end it, or when I comment on something and there's no answers needed he text anyway.
Like on Saturday we were planning our get together w/ friends for today. When we finished I wished him a good week end & told him see ya Monday. I sent it like after lunch. He didn't answered it (there was no need after all) but then on Sunday morning like around 11am he sent:"kiss with a heart emoji". I don't know how to "read" this. I mean its a bit late to answer my last text isn't it?

by the way sending heart emojis, I don't really read into emojis but should I?
Guys, how do you text your crush?
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