Why does my ex keep telling me about his Girlfriend?

So there was some bitterness between my ex & I (mainly from me), all because he lied throughout our relationship and ended up leaving me for his ex because he claimed to still love her. I was still kind to him after the break up, I even accepted a Facebook friend request from his girlfriend.(I have no reason to be mad at her, she's adorable plus she just turned 18 I'd look Petty attacking her period) Wished the well, sent good vibes and all.. I was still hurt, just hid it well.

Well that was a while ago, we are now on better grounds (can both be civil). I noticed whenever he contacts me he ALWAYS tells me how much he loves his girlfriend. For example, he contacted me yesterday to tell me that he gave our puppy to his aunt (originally have her to his broth, but he and his wife work too much to keep her). Then he went on to say "you're great *my name*, I'm sorry for what I did to you, for mistreating you. You were so good to me despite what I put you through.. You didn't deserve that, but now I'm happy and I love *his ex now girlfriend name* so much, she's the one I'm supposed to be with" .. He has said the same statement over now about 7 times that we have spoken. I don't know why he insists on telling me, when I don't even ask in the first place. I've told him before "hey, I'm glad you're happy but you don't have to remind me how much you love her and all" .. He still continues to do it.

So is he trying to annoy me or rub it in my face?
I've spoke to my friends, they think he is trying to annoy me or that he still has feelings for me.. Not entirely sure.

Question is mainly for men, but having a woman's opinion is helpful as well. View points?
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Why does my ex keep telling me about his Girlfriend?
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