A Guy Threatened Me. What should I do?

I'm 17. I was started use Kik. There's a guy, first he asked me to take a upper body picture, with bra on. All this time I was upset because I don't have a slim body, and I was curious when he said " I'll tell you after u send it to me", I thought he will give comment of my body. After I sent it, he asked me to take it off and I said no way. Then, he sent a pic. He was about to post on facebook. In the pic says " This girl Belle sells nudes and sex. Her parents should imprisoned. Agree=Like." He said, if I don't want the picture to be post, then send him a naked picture, satisfy him. I felt like I'm an idiot and now I learnt my lesson. But I'm don't give him my naked pic and he said he posted on facebook, there are 53likes n 30comments. He also said that, I won't suffer but my parents will.. I don't know what to do.. His Kik id is ' ryanfogle.' Please help me.. It's upperbody part with bra and showed my face. If anyone sees that post, please please show it to me. I was so innocent, and my parents too.. I have proves that showed he was threatening me.
A Guy Threatened Me. What should I do?
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