She's way out of my league. Should I even bother?

Here's the situation:

I was hanging out with my best friend, talking about girls, relationships, etc. All of a sudden, he thought of a girl he said "would be perfect" for me, a girl he had met in one of his classes last semester. He pulled her up on Facebook and there before me was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. After looking over her profile and asking my friend everything he knew about her, I've decided that he's right: we have a lot in common and would probably get along great. Here's the problem: I'm not exactly what you would call good looking. I'm not ugly, and I have had women be physically attracted to me before, but I'm no prize. I'm kinda short (5ft 11in, which is short compared to all of my 6ft 2in friends) and on the chubbier side of things. I've been told I'm a "nice guy" and pride myself on my sense of humor.

My question then, is this: should I even bother pursuing this girl? She is, in my humble opinion, a perfect 10, something I'm not even close to. I know people (especially attractive girls) always say that "looks don't matter that much" and that "personality is most important", but let's be honest with each other: looks matter. A lot. This is the type of girl that, if I saw her at a club or party, I would probably watch her all night but never in a million years talk to her. I'm a realist: I'm sure she's had guys a thousand times more attractive than me ask her out, so a short, stocky, awkward guy wouldn't stand any kind of chance, right?
She's way out of my league. Should I even bother?
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