When a guy doesn't respond to an e-mail (that says everything you're feeling), should you assume it's over?

I dated a guy for close to 8 months. He wasn't my ideal guy.. but I admit there was definitely an instant attraction/connection. We went out at least 3 times a week.. and talked/texted on a daily basis (always quick to respond). Here and there we disagreed on a subject or 2 but never argued. We made each other laugh and smile... it was great.

He never asked me to be his girlfriend.

About a month ago, I noticed that his replies to my messages were getting slower.. A day or two out of the week, I wouldn't hear from him at all. I rarely asked him to spend the night or to go out to dinner..since he always took the initiative. I asked him to dinner.. and he never gave me a day. I noticed there was flirty comments from 1 girl on his Facebook.

I took a day to just process everything that was going on.. and I decided he was dating someone else and evidently he was quite interested in her. I didn't feel I needed to ask him. I proceeded by deleting him off my Facebook. A couple hours later he sent me a text saying "wow, I can't believe you deleted me, take care" I was upset and simply responded "yep".

A couple days later I received a fwd: joke email on accident from him.

I responded "yep, true".. he apologized and said he'd take me off his e-mail contact list. I said "if that's what you want". He responds " for christs sake; you deleted me off Facebook.. stop playing that game.

I blew up and responded by telling him how much I cared..and told him I didn't need to have him on my Facebook.. to just see him bat his eyelashes.. I said "Why call or text you..if you'll respond when you feel like it.". I told him that's not the way you treat someone you value."

I received no response.. but did receive an e-mail wishing me a merry Xmas and a New Years text. Till this day no response .

I miss him.. of course.

But by him not responding.. should I assume.. he knows he was in the wrong and is OK with breaking all ties and losing me?

What to do?

Thanks for responding! I feel better... and most importantly not blinded. I know what to do from here. It's time to move on...not ez but it can be done. =)


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  • what a d***. Girl never talk to this idiot again. It sucks you wasted time and love on this boy who treats you like garbage. He'll never think what he did was wrong sounds like he just didn't care about you. and that's sad. Just charge this to the game label him an azz, find a guy who can show you that love back.

  • consider yourself single. this guy blew you off like that and didn't even have the decency to treat you right. even if by any stretch of the imagination he "did" still think he was in a relationship with you, you should act single anyway because he doesn't deserve you. you're single!

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