Why would he delete me from snapchat?

I feel awful because I broke it off. I knew he was a womanizer when we started dating but I decided to give it a try other than that he's a really great guy. He did most of the work which maybe was unfair, he pointed it out. In the end he just wanted to sleep with me, he would text me at midnight or try to come over late. He didn't really seem up for anything else and it became so clear to me what was going on. I broke off whatever we had because I like him, he thought it was a joke then said he had no idea I felt that way because it didn't seem so? And he didn't say that he likes me, he didn't say that he does not either. I walked away, what else was I supposed to do? He imidiately started rubbing it in my face that he is moving on in many ways, I didn't react. Recently I found out that he had deleted me off snapchat? He has kept old flings/exes and tons of other people? We didn't snap anymore but we were looking at each other's mystory. Heck I even have one night stands that has kept me on snapchat. Despite the sex part he's actually a really great guy who did a lot for me and maybe I was harsh when I walked away after all this time but it was hurting me. It breaks my heart, I wanted to be with him.
Why would he delete me from snapchat?
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