Are you able to judge him based on this text?

I met him in OkCupid. We chat almost everyday and probably skipped only 2 days from the first time we chatted. He's very detailed and expressive in his messages (e. g.. he writes long messages and 3-4 at once with emojis. He even sends me pictures of his food.. selfies with his friends and etc. He even asks me opinions about clothes and accessories if it looks good on him. Maybe because I study fashion design. And he even asked me opinions of whaaat he should get his sister for her bday)
Anyways.. yesterday.. after he told me he needs to go to the gym at around midnight.. we both said bye and I expected that it will be the end of it for that day. But after an hour or so.. he sent me this message:

"Hi there.. just got back from the gym.. I'm know its not the right time for me to tell you this but would like to let you know you are a really great person I met and I find you special in one thing is you actually like share and listen to people.. we've been knowing each other 20 days ago.. what I really love to chat with you is you always put a lot of effort in answering my question as well as sharing something to me.. and most importantly, you did correct my grammar/english INDIRECTLY everytime i got wrong like just now "guy in cancer" and you just repeat it back with correct words "cancer patient". having a good time to chat with you and its like having a English lesson everyday. appreciated and have a great night !"

What do u think he thinks of me?
Are you able to judge him based on this text?
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