Guys, Why does he feel like he is unappreciated by me no matter what I do for him?

When he gets frustrated or upset he shuts down, runs away or just goes off in the woods to be alone with his thoughts. When he comes back I am not to question him interrogate him or go on and on and on about things because he just can't deal with things anymore. But, here's the kicker so it's not he's using me for money because when he gets paid he spends all his money on me or puts it back into the place we are rebuilding. Then he's upset that he has nothing. Yeah, it's that strange. He is being paid by me to rebuild the place we live in. He volentired to do this and I tried to talk him out of it. Now I am out thousands of dollars and not one room has been completed in two years. When I try to talk to him and see if I can help him with what ever it is that is bothering him I am arguing with him? Then the problems always ends up being something I said or did. I wasn't nice enough when I asked or I was in a bad mood and it upset him or he's not feeling appreciated. Then I'll hear " I just want things to be happy and no drama" but, doesn't seem to see that his lack of effort to finish just one project is causing a lot of the stress. I've seen this before and want a male perspective Why do some men like my man who is really loving caring and giving people just stop dead in their tracks and stop doing things they promised they would with no real issue other than the "Well I don't feel you appreciate what I do here" Quip
I am not perfect but I do take good care of him. Our sex life is not an issue believe it or not. I cook clean do the laundry shopping and yes I like being a woman. He often says he just has a lot on his mind but won't a let me help him with things he is having issues with outside our relationship like X and kids.
He doesn't have a girl on the side. Yes I'm sure... It just makes no sense
He awsone
He isn't
He can pack and leave anytime he decides he's had enough but, says he live it here and doesn't want to leave me.
He won't accept responsibility for his actions or lack of action
but he puts everything he gets back into us
in SOOOO lost on this

Should I hire someone to come in and finish his work then deduct it from his pay?
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Should I bite my tongue and see if silence would make a difference?
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Guys, Why does he feel like he is unappreciated by me no matter what I do for him?
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