Why do I turn out to be a dick every time?

Seriously, I am 19 and I am kind of a guy who does not go alone with people quite often...
I really do get mad when people around me augh at something,,, I really think that they are making fun of me or betraying me. I Try to avoid the path of them trying to be my friend genuenly. I really turn out as a dick...
Suppose for example I ask my friend to help me but he could'nt due to some personal reason, I happen to get pissed off and fight with him in a cruel way and the worst part is that he turns out to be innocent and what he said was truth and i look like a dick. It nevr happened ones to me , its like trend in my life. It always happens same ways. People now have started hating me. I could not stopp but be suspisious and and selfish. Why is this happening?
Why do I turn out to be a dick every time?
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