Why is it that when you show too much love and interest in a girl, she ignores you?

i showed a lot of love and interest to a girl...but she was like always ignoring me...i also knew that she was interested in me but she ignored me...dun know why...but anyways ...i hope I would get an answer


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  • Too much love is seen as neediness, unfortunately neediness before a relationship is considered creepy - while during a relationship is considered sweet.

    I don't know why, I'm not a girl, I've fallen into this trap too; the best think you can do is keep her guessing, show you like her, show you're not interested. Get her thinking, think about you. Maybe then she'll be the one coming to you. There's no 'puzzle', no 'mystery' to solve if you continuously show her you're interested; I guess for girls, they have no need to suss you out because you've done it for them. If girls are interested then they'll get 'kicks' out of trying to unravel you in their own way, whatever the case, let them come to you more then you come to them. Good luck.

    • First of all thanks man!!!!....i didn't thought that someone will actually answer me and also this great answer....thankz buddy

      well I have tried doing this....like when I chat with her I give her a boring time...like before we were used to chat a lot but not now...i gues iam doing it right?....and also how should I make her thinking about me..any ideas?....

      once again thankz!!!!!

    • No problem with the answer dude, as for giving her a boring time when chatting; I?d revise this if I was you! Talk to her less, but when you do talk make it as interesting as possible, make her really enjoy it and then END the conversation yourself (saying you have to be somewhere else or something like that). This way, she?s enjoying you?re company (which isn?t often) and by you ending her enjoyment she?s left wanting more. Its all about giving a little, that's worth a lot.

    • Well then iam doing the same thing man!!!....but like now she shows love to me .....like recently I didn't talked to her as I did previously like I was used to show my love to her from the day I stopped this she felt it and always says that some people just change their feeling

      like is this a good sign?.....and further what should else I do to make her fall in love with me?