Why are (Muslim) men such hypocrites?

I'm muslim. I'm not overly religious and neither is my family but there are some things I believe in, such as that you shouldn't sleep with a bunch of people before getting married.

So it really annoys me to see what a lot of muslim guys do here (in the UK), which is to basically hump dump British born born girls and then eventually look for a muslim virgin when they're done. And they're even proud of it, they brag about it.
Even my own little baby brother does it. He brought his girlfriend not too long ago and she kinda dresses like slut because she kinda is and my parents were giving out to him about that. So he told them to calm down, saying it was just fun and he was gonna marry a virgin eventually. Of course that only made them more fourious. My dad whacked him a few times, but he still does it. Now he is on to a different girl

Why are they like that? I understand. And how would they think any girl that respects themselves would want them with that attitude?
Now I'm sure it's not something that's exclusive to muslim men, but for me unfortunatley it's most obvious in the muslim community, hence the question
Why are (Muslim) men such hypocrites?
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